Nikki and the Weeps

Nikki and the Weeps is my sister's band located in Falls Church, Virginia. When I forced her infront of a microphone one day who knew that there was a poet within waiting to get out. I'm still in awe of the words she writes. An ever changing line-up consisting of members of the various bands as well as a couple killer jazz musicians makes up nikki and the weeps. On most recordings you'll find here its Nicole Hindert, Dex Fontaine, Me, and sometimes Kenny and Anthony Pirog. Live these days she plays with Kevin Pace on up upright, Davey Bell on guitar, and Dex Fontaine on Drums. And one time she got my twin brother up there, of course when I wasn't around to see it. (He has retired from music to become a buddhist monk, a sad day for rock and roll, so it would have been nice to see). Our songs are available through Cdbaby at most online music outlets, plus at our bandcamp (linked below)

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